Perpetuation of Sanskrit and Dravida Vedas


A. Publication of books

While our Trust publishes atleast one new book every year, we feel it is more important to help other institutions and scholars in publication.

Our publications are

  • Kannanin mugangalul ezhu
  • Naan kanda nalladu
  • Sri Vishnu sahasranama – brief meaning in tamil and English for all the thousand names
  • Kshetra mahatmyam and route map of all the holy places where Sri Rama and Sri Krishna visited.

 We have supported the following

 1. Acharya vaibhava manjari – Book by Puttur Sri Vaishnava Sudarsanam Editor Sri U Ve Krishnaswamy Iyengar Swamy

 2. Sri Desika stotrangal with traditional commentary – Book by Sri Poundarika puram andavan asram – Srirangam

 3. Books by Grantha paripalana trust of Puthur.

 B. Publication of Calendar

Our trust comes out with a thematic calendar on 1st January every year. This is unique as it explains difficult philosophical ideas in simple language ably supported by beautiful pictures. We have so far published the following calendars. You can click to view the contents of past calendars. 

 2012 – The 12 azhvars

 2011 – Sri Vishnu Sahasranama (click)

 2010 – Sri Kurathazhvan (click)

 2009 – Srimad Bhagavatam 

 2008 – Bhagavad Gita  (click)


 C. Translating ancient tamil and Sanskrit commentaries to English

There is a void in the education of ancient scriptures to our youth owing to lack of Sanskrit or tamil language. One alternate is to make the scriptures available in English. Spiritual works of modern English writers may compromise on originality and authenticity. So our Trust has decided to translate and explain the incomparable 850 year old commentary of Sri Periavachan Pillai to 4000 divya prabandham.  Erudite scholars are on this mammoth task. 

The first book to be released was Tiruppallandu of Periazhvar translated by Prof. Narasimhachariar. We would be releasing Tiruppalliezhuchi of Tondaradippodi azhvar soon. Kindly contact trust to get the copy of the books.

D. Sri Ramanuja Siddhanta Vidya Peetham – A Pathasala

As Swamy Ramanuja’s millennium year is fast approaching, to celebrate it in a humble way our trust started a pathasala at Srirangam in 2008. The objective is to create scholars in Ramanuja sampradaya, 4000 divya prabandha adhyapakas, and pancharatra agama vidvans. The need of the hour is to perpetuate spiritual knowledge and devotion for which these pracharaks would dedicate their life. There are 26 students now and we welcome more students. Kindly click here to see the detailed broucher of Sri Ramanuja Siddhanta Vidya Peetham

E.  Honouring scholars who have served for more than 50 years.

Our Trust is honoured to submit the title of “Kainkarya Sriman” to those noble souls who have rendered selfless service in temples as archakas, adhyapakas, veda parayanakaras, gardeners, dasa nimbi and many more. They are icons of selfless service from whom our youth have to draw source.

Awardees for 2006 - 07 (Awarded by Srimad Paramahamsetyadi Andavan Swamy.)

1. Sri U Ve Tirunagari Melatirumaligai swamy- Tirunagari (divya prabandham)

2. Sri U Ve Tandri Tatacharya Swamy - Kanchi (veda parayanam)

3. Sri U Ve Venkatakrishna Bhattacharya Swamy – Thiru Allikkeni (vaikhanasa agamam)

4. Sri U Ve Annadur Rajagopalacharya Swamy – Madhuranthakam (pancharatra agamam)

5. Sriman Devarpiran – Alwartirunagari (tirumenikkaval)

6. Sriman Srivilliputhur (pushpa kainkaryam)

Awardees for 2007 - 08 (Awarded by Srimad Paramahamsetyadi Sriman Narayana Jeer Swamy)

1. Sri U Ve. Pra. Tiruvenkatachariar Swamy- Tiruvellakkulam (divya prabandham

2. Sri U Ve. Manavala Tiruvenkatachariar Swamy - Sriperumbudur (divya prabandham)

3. Sri U Ve. Rajagopalachariar Swamy - Tiruvaheendrapuram (divya prabandham)

4. Sri U Ve. Purisai P N Srinivasachariar Varadachariar Swamy - Tiruttanga (veda parayanam)

5. Sri U Ve. Kannan Bhattachariar Swamy – Terazhundur (pancharatra agamam)

6. Sri U Ve. Ratna Bhattachariar Swamy – Nagappattinam (pancharatra agamam)

7. Sri U Ve. Azhisur T Srinivasachariar Swamy - Mylapore (pancharatra agamam)

8. Sri U Ve. Seshadri Bhattachariar Swamy - Sirkali (vaikhanasa agamam)

9. Sri U Ve. Govinda Bhattar Swamy – Thiru Allikkeni (vaikhanasa agamam)

10. Sri U Ve. Vijaya Mani Bhattar Swamy – Tiruttanga (vaikhanasa agamam)

11. Sriman Rangamannar – Madhura kavi thottam – Srirangam (pushpa kainkaryam)

12. Sriman Kilimalai Sundararajan - Srirangam (pushpa kainkaryam)

Awardees of 2009 -10 (Awarded by Srimad Paramahamsetyadi Vanamamalai Jeer Swamy)

Awardees of 2011-12 (Awarded by Ahobila Mutt Srimad Paramahamsetyadi Azhagia singar Swamy)

F.  Spiritual classes

Our trust regularly conducts spiritual classes and workshops especially for the youth. Some of them are

10 month course conducted on week ends named “Iramanusa idu en vinnappame” at Srirangam to teach fundamentals of sanatana dharma, chosen verses from Gita, nityanusandhanam in 4000 divya prabandham and daily aradhana procedure. We took birth in 10 months; this course is also for 10 months for birth of our wisdom. There was overwhelming response and about 1200 students in the age group of 9 to 90 have enrolled. We have provided books and cds as study material. We would soon be rolling out to other towns. Volunteers who aspire to conduct this in their town can contact us. Click here to view the inaugural session of Iramanusa idu en vinnappame

Another programme named “Gnana Vikas” is also running at Srirangam. This is for 3 years where Sanskrit and important Srivaishnava scriptures are taught.

A two day workshop covering 8 subjects of utmost importance in spirituality was conducted for the youth in Chennai. Attended by 150 students it included a lecture on each subject by Velukkudi Sri Krishnan Swamy, a group discussion and a resolution.


Selva Pillai Yatra



Upcoming Upanyasam

April 10th, 11th & 12th - Thuraiyur

Topic :  Sundara kandam

Venue: Venugopala Krishnan Sannidhi,

            Paalakkarai, Thuraiyur

Time:   6.30 pm

April 18th, 19th & 20th - Korattur, Chennai

Venue: Korattur, Chennai

Topic : Anru kettom Inru iruppom

April 25th, 26th &  27th - Chennai

Venue: Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai

May 6th, 7th & 8th - Kanchi

May 9th, 10th & 11th - Mysore

June 7th, 8th & 9th - Tirunelveli

June 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd - Pondy